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The Legend of Spyro: too peaceful… Ch 2

"We must be on our guard for the rest of this voyage, from now on all of us must travel in pairs when on board this ship" the commander's voice called out above the din of small conversations, the guardsmen nodded in response as they awaited their meals, they were in the mess hall of the ship. Spyro heard this, and sat up from his comfortable position on the roof of the building. 'We must hurry!' he said to Sparx a great urgency in his voice. He took to the skies and lazily glided above the decks, he felt the familiar pull of his item of desire, and followed it until the feeling became unbearable.  He found himself circling above the Captain's cabin. 'Why didn't I think of here before!' he exclaimed, 'Oh look! We have to face a boss before we get what we want, what is with this world!' Sparx replied his voice thick with exasperation.
Spyro landed on the roof of the building, the wooden panels beneath his paws creaked from carrying his weight. He sat and waited for several minutes, looking to see if there were any patrols, none arrived. After jumping down from the roof, he tried the door handle, it was locked. He warily scanned the area again, then kicked down the door, it fell with a loud crash. Lights came on all around him. He heard the wary shouts of the nearby crew. He didn't have much time. He began to frantically search the room. Panicking because the feeling had disappeared. Then he paused and concentrated, and found that pull again, he followed it with his eyes closed.
When he opened his eyes again, he was facing the captain's desk and on that desk lay a necklace, with a amethyst crystal pendant. The pendant pulsed with a dull glowing purple light as he came closer to it. He reached for it with his paw, when a shout interrupted him. The guards had found him. Hastily grabbing the pendant, he leapt upwards, smashing through the wooden roof of the cabin. Only to fly straight into a fishing net.

The large net had been stretched out over the building in anticipation for such an escape. Spyro snarled fiercely as the Guards of various species approached him, their weapons drawn. They had sapped him of his mana the moment they had discovered of his presence several weeks back.  He was surrounded.  "Your net won't hold me for long!" he hissed at the commander, a creature easily confused with a cheetah, but the vivid black stripes that marked his fur defined him as a tiger, a much stronger creature, but not nearly as agile. He wore silver armor decorated with elaborate engravings, such armor was only typical of a soldier of higher status. "We were aware of that, dragon" the commander replied with a raised eyebrow. The tiger signaled to a guard behind him holding a bottle of liquid. The guard threw the bottle at Spyro, it smashed in his face and the dragon snarled in outrage, before collapsing into unconsciousness. The guard had thrown a bottle of chloroform.

Spyro woke, half a day later, his vision clouded, his throat stung as he inhaled the intoxicating chemical that had thrown him into an immediate sleep. It was not so strong now, but its presence fogged his mind. Something was poking into his paw, curiously he brought it into his vision, to see an amethyst pendant with a glow that pulsed in time with each of his heart beats. Its beauty calmed him and the pulse slowed, and slowly the fog lifted from his mind, he realised he had been captured. 'Sparx?' he called out with his mind, the dragonfly's familiar conscience reassuringly brushed against his own. Knowing that he wasn't getting off the boat without a fight, he slid the pendant over his head, the necklace sat comfortably at the base of his neck.he sat up and stretched, when he stepped forward, a force at his throat tugged him backwards. He grasped at the area of discomfort, it was a steel collar, he was chained to the room, like a dog chained to a kennel. 'This is worse than being chained to Cynder!' yelped the dragon in outrage to his dragonfly friend. The dragonfly had found his statement rather amusing.

He caught a familiar scent, it was Terrador, the earth guardian, he hadn't seen any of the guardians for three years. He had run away from the temple, their rules did not make any sense to him, they seemed so… petty. He had to wait until he was a certain 'legal' age to mate, he had learnt this rule when Cyril had caught him trying to mount Cynder. From that day on, the young dragons had been separated from each other. But that wasn't the only reason he left, the feeling that his 'job' was not finished had steadily gotten worse, it had made him uneasy and tense. He had been getting into more frequent and more violent disagreements with the guardians. Until he had left, seeking to finish whatever he had to do. He told no-one of his intentions, not even Sparx at first, but the dragonfly would keep coming back, he remained by his side, even when he killed the first innocent life. He heard the voices of the three guardians, they were here to take him back to the temple, they would make his 'job' difficult to complete. He knew he was in a lot of trouble, he knew that killing good citizens was bad, but it seemed a 'necessary evil' to him. If there weren't evil things to kill the good, who would do it?

He snarled silently, and began to tug on the chain with desperation. Setting his legs apart, he began to lean back away from the wall when the chain was taught, gritting his teeth and setting his jaw, he struggled further back, his desire to pull the chain from the wall. It was too painful, so he moved right up to the wall, and grasping the chain in his paws began to pull, he kicked the areas near the steel attachment to weaken the wood. With a loud snap, the attachment broke free of the wall, picking the length of chain up in his mouth he padded towards the doorway. 'You've got about a ten metre clearance from the building' informed Sparx, knowing that his brother was somehow free, 'That's all I need' the dragon replied. Spyro charged out into the open, and leaped into the air spreading his wings. A powerful bolt of electricity just missed his snout as he flew, he hissed in annoyance, his mouth was too full of chain to retaliate. He knew the speedy electricity guardian would be on his tail in mere moments, but he felt his mana return to him as he put distance between him and the ship. He produced a hot white flame and brought the chain up to it, and proceeded to melt it enough before snapping it away from him. Now with only a few links attached to the collar, Spyro's mouth was free. These days, producing a flame like that was easy and used very little of his mana. But Volteer had nearly reached him, he felt the air around him become electrically charged, and dove just in time to dodge yet another lightning attack. Now he was some way behind the guardian, who was having a hard time slowing down enough to turn around. He flew close to the waves, using the pockets of heat they radiated near the surface to gain extra speed, his wing tips sometimes splashing into the water. Using his most recent element wind, he created a strong air current beneath him to maintain the speed while he gained altitude, the air current quickly became of cyclonic magnitude, heat and fire engulfed Spyro as he came up underneath Volteer at an insane speed. The guardian stalled in flight and curled up in pain before falling from the sky, Spyro continued to gain altitude until he was safely hidden amongst the clouds, where he waited for Sparx to catch up.

The attack had not killed Volteer, but he was bleeding internally where the impact from Spyro had ruptured organs. Luckily Terrador and Cyril had given chase too, and rescued Volteer from the merciless ocean moments after being engulfed by the waves. There was no point chasing Spyro now, they needed to get help.

When the sun began to set, Spyro was waiting, he had been following the ship a distance, watching for the guardians, whom had left for the land to seek medical aid for Volteer as soon as they rescued him, which was several hours earlier. Spyro flew closer to the ship, now in stealth mode, if he was seen, arrows would go flying, and he could not risk getting injured this far out in the ocean. Once in range with the ship, he let loose a volley of powerful fire bombs onto the large wooden cargo ship. He quickly retreated a safe distance again and watched as the crew made feeble attempts at dousing the fires, nonetheless the ship was gradually engulfed in flames. Satisfied that the ship could not be recovered, he flew on, seeking land and a place to rest.
Chapter 2
Hopefully this answered some questions, if not you'll find out in future chapters ;)

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