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The Legend of Spyro: Too peaceful… Ch 3

By the first rays of dawn, Spyro had found the mainland. The coasts that he flew towards were edged with sharp rocks and tall cliffs, these cliffs were littered with caves. Spyro chose a cave that was well away from civilization and high enough to escape the sea spray from where the waves crashed against the cliffs. Too tired to hunt for food or gather bedding materials, he lay down and slept, the dragonfly settling between his wings.
Little did he know that the guardians had resided in the nearest town.

Terrador and Cyril stood by their injured comrade's bedside, they were in the local hospital. The yellow dragon writhed in his fitful dreams, a permanent snarl fixed upon his muzzle from the pain his injuries caused him. The small team of local doctors and nurses had done all they could within their power for the electricity guardian, but the recovery, if there was one, would be slow. He was by far the youngest of the now three remaining guardians, and he held the record for being the youngest dragon to take on the role of a guardian. After the previous electricity guardian had died in battle, Volteer had taken his place, being the last electricity dragon still alive, he did not have much choice. Now it seemed, that he would not get the chance to pass his knowledge onto the next generation of electricity dragons (if there were any). Terrador sighed sadly, one by one the many different elemental dragon races had been killed to extinction over the past century, it appeared that the mighty dragon itself was about to face extinction. The actions of past dragons (Malefore) and the now present Spyro, were only fuelling the other species hatred towards the dragons.
His thoughts were interrupted when Cynder burst into the room, everything about her posture communicated sheer exhaustion as she collapsed at the foot of Volteer's bed, panting heavily. Her arrival only mildly surprised Cyril and Terrador, they had left the worried black dragoness at the dragon temple with promises of returning with Spyro within that week. That was two weeks ago. Somehow she had received news of the electricity guardian's condition, and flown to the town without any rest. Moments later, a frustrated looking Hunter peered into the room, his gaze rested on Cynder who was still gasping for air. She glanced at him with an apologetic expression before resting her head on her paws. Hunter shook his head and motioned for Terrador to follow him outside the room.
"Do you know how she found out?" Terrador inquired. "She saw me along the trail heading into town, and asked if I had seen any of you. I tried to get her to rest a bit before going into town" sighed Hunter, "But she would hear none of it once I told her about Volteer…" Terrador gave a laugh at this, how typical of her…

By late afternoon, Spyro had woken from his sleep. His dreams had been filled with the dying screams of his victims, his thoughts wondered back to the blazing ship, the flash backs of every guard he had murdered. He began to feel weak as his past actions caught up with his conscience, he staggered over to the entrance of the cave. He remembered the guardians, how he had attacked Volteer, a sudden wave of nausea overcame him and he abruptly vomited over the edge of the cliff. 'Spyro, you okay bro?' Sparx had sensed Spyro's anguish through the energies his conscience gave off. ' There's no way he could've survived that…' sobbed Spyro. The dragon lay down in the fading sunlight and cried, knowing that there were many more who would die from his activities. Sparx settled down beside Spyro in an attempt to comfort him, knowing that he could not physically comfort his brother by holding him, he instead projected more soothing thoughts into Spyro's mind, those of their blissful past, of their imagined peaceful future. The dragon's sobs soon began to cease and a more regular breathing pattern was established. This was not the first time he had an emotional breakdown, and it would not be the last, his 'job' was slowly crushing his spirit, and his will to live on into the future, fearing that his 'job' will not end.

A silent hour passed before Sparx interrupted 'Do you want to get something to eat?' Spyro nodded in response and stood up stretching a bit. During his many journeys he had found books with spells, and even more importantly, learnt how to cast them successfully. His most used spell was a colour changing spell, using this spell he changed his purple scales into dark crimson scales. His eyes changed into a fiery orange shade and his crest took on a more rugged appearance, essentially he looked like an entirely different dragon, which was what he wanted, a disguise. The plan was for Spyro to go into town and buy himself a meal and/or supplies if anything was open at this time, while Sparx caught butterflies for himself. This was also an opportunity for him to find out what others knew of his friend's activities, he was secretly hoping to hear about Cynder.

Half an hour later he was walking down the main street of town, dragons were regular visitors in this town so no-one gave him much attention. He was heading towards the local pub when he saw a familiar black dragoness walking towards him down the same street. Initially she barely acknowledged him, but curiosity got the better of her when she got closer, mainly because he appeared to be the same age as her and indeed he was. Spyro winked at her when he saw her checking him out, she smirked in response, and swung her hips a little as they passed each other, Spyro couldn't help but look back. She had grown tall and slim since he last saw her, she had long, thin legs and a long tail, though she did not have curves like the other females he had seen (wide hips and such) she was very beautiful and moved with cat-like grace, overall she had become an elegant looking female. He grinned slyly as he continued on his way to the pub, the hub of social activity within towns.
this is what i managed to type out tonight. So i decided to leave it at that and call it a chapter :)
First: [link]
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Enjoy! ;)

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