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I'm Sorry.

Sun Aug 2, 2015, 8:52 AM

Things have been dead here this year. I've been busy with life I guess. I have lost most of my artistic motivation too, and that's been a bummer. I'm trying to get back into it though.

Looking back at my activity on DA artwise, holy moly, never has my gallery seen such inactivity. It's sad. 
And already half the year has been and gone.
Well, at least I managed to upload something once a month(onlyJUST)!

eh? eh?

Seriously though, I've been way more active on Tumblr, even though I reblog a bunch of other crap too, I post my stodgy sketches there almost as soon as I finish them.

Here's the link that's also been on my profile for probably 2 years now, If you're interested:… << before you click, MATURE WARNING, NSFW, UNRATED, UNCUT, IN-YOUR-FACE-SMUT and all that jazz. this blog goes from kittens to porn in a blink >>

  • Mood: Optimism
On the Prowl by JazzTheTiger
On the Prowl
I'm so punny~
This is Prowl. He is secretly a werewolf. It's not very secret, but he thinks it is. We are watching him closely.
Werewolf!Prowl by JazzTheTiger
I wanted to create a cybertronian werewolf, TFA Prowl seemed a perfect candidate. Mister Lone Wolf who has an affinity for nature. His name is prowl for frag's sake, it had to be him.
I don't see very many werewolves in tf fanworks I guess, loads of vampires, but not so many werebeasts.

Let's have some back story...

Prowl had lycanthropy (the name for the 'werebeast disease/condition') long before he met the spacebridge repair team, and he had some problems controlling the changes, and himself during the changes back then. Then he meets Yoketron, who does not judge, but helps teach him to tame his inner beast through the martial arts etc. etc. But after Yoketron's death, Prowl's lycanthropy relapses and he loses control again, in desperation, he flees cybertron so that he's away from populated areas during the changes.
Eventually he notices that the distance from cybertron and it's influential moons seems to have 'cured' his lycanthropy.
When he wakes up on Earth with the rest of the space bridge repair team, his lycanthropy gradually returns. Barely noticeable at first, but as his body adjusts to the lunar cycles of Earth, those beastly urges rise again with the full moon.
Ratchet knew of Prowl's condition from the first scan he took, but didn't say a thing, the medic is an old war veteran who's seen some shit, so he doesn't bat an optic at this. But he lets the Prime know, so that he could make allowances for it. They don't confront him about it, there's no known cure for lycanthropy, and Prowl's a decent enough 'bot, plus there's been no dangerous incidents with him so far, so they trust he has his ways of managing the condition on his own.
Prowl has always been a lone wolf, and being part of a team is new to him, but he learns to be a team member on earth. The core structure of the team is similar to being in a pack and his inner beast sees them as pack mates, with Optimus Prime as their alpha, even though they are not beast-kin. Werewolf Prowl would not be hostile towards his own pack mates, but he will put the young ones(mostly bumblebee) back in their place from time to time with a snarl or a roar.
Holding Out For A Hero by JazzTheTiger
Holding Out For A Hero
They're both waiting for more heroic autobots to try and rescue Bee.
Dragon!Scream makes it a sport of getting rid of them all.


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  • Paint Tool SAI
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6


  1. Digital
  2. Graphite Pencil
  3. Copic Markers
  4. Water Colour paint
  5. Acrylic
  6. Gouache
  7. Clay

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Cyberwolf02 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2015  New Deviant Hobbyist Artist
hey jazz do you do requests?
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I really like your art, I congratulate I also love dragons and TFA ^_^
JazzTheTiger Featured By Owner 2 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks! ^^
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Wowzers. I love your Dragonformers art! :D
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thankyou! C:
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Most welcome! :)
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Hey question. Can we do an Art Trade?
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Could you draw my OC nightshade?
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If it's not too much trouble could you please answer a few questions, it would help me greatly in my research.

1. Why do you like dragons? (if you like dragons that is)

2. What is your theory about why dragon are so popular? (in movies, art, culture, books etc)

3. How did you get into dragons?

4. what style of dragon do you prefer to draw? (western, eastern, wyvern etc)

Thank you!! ^^ 
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